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Find mental health and wellbeing support in your country

Looking after your mental health is essential and should be your priority. The world is sometimes a scary place, and in our community, there are many additional challenges that come our way.

Its okay to ask for your help, we must support one another. Its not selfish either. You can not pour from an empty cup.

Below are just some available resources in the New East. If you have any options to add, then please do share! It is important that we take care of each other.

If your country or local communities does not offer support, there are always options. You can check out great mental health apps, online websites, or attempt to find a private and open minded counsellor.


1. Bilitis - Has two self support groups offering safe spaces for meetings, support groups and discussions

Brave Lab: for 14-29 year olds (LGBT+)

Queer Femme: support for LBT women

2. Single Step - Online chats, network of psychologists and support groups


1. Czech Tourists Club Queer – a Czech tourist group organising regular walks in the countryside for the LGBT community and their friends.

2. Trans*parent - offers support to trans community through some online support groups


1. Equality Movement - free psychological consultation, access to trusted LGBT psychologists and family therapy


1 Hatter Society - counselling and support through online chat, skype, email or phone


1. Trans-Fuzja Foundation - some counselling and assistance are offered for Trans people

2. Queer PL - is an online portal for Poland's LGBT+ community. It does not offer direct counselling or therapy. But you can find emotional support through connecting with the community.


1 Coming Out SP - Psychological support

2. Russian LGBT Network:

free psychological support

a helpline with qualified psychologists 8 (800) 555-73-74

an online chat

*List updated regularly

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