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NEW MUSIC - HRISTINA - Теория блика

'Hristina' is an Art Pop project from Moscow, who incorporates queer themes in their sound and image.

"Hristina manifests queer culture and Russian underground. Bold vocals are intertwined with synths from the 80s driven by love, beauty and sweet anxiety."

The new track can be found on all major streaming sites, and the link below. It is also added to our #NewEastisQueer Spotify playlist.

Hristina took to Instagram to describe their latest track:

"This is a collaboration with Russian writer and feminist Oksana Vasyakina. The track was inspired by her poem "Theory of Glare", which metaphorically reveals a passion of lesbian sex so the music follows the vibe as a smooth and pulsing beat transitions to punchy techno. The fragment of this poem used in the song was recorded by the authoress herself. The idea behind this collaboration was to desacralise lesbian sex itself and support the local queer community."

Please share and support Queer talent in the New East

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