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Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein cancel grant to Polish 'LGBT-free zone'

The Polish region of the Carpathian Mountains passed a resolution against the so called "LGBT ideology". In response to the condemnation, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein cancelled a major grant to the region.

The grant was withdrawn in September of last year, although the news only came to light recently.

The mammoth 8.4 million zloty ($2.25 million) was for a cultural and national heritage project. Ironically, persecuting the LGBT+ community, in turn damages Poland's own heritage and identity.

“By adopting a resolution explicitly referring to ‘LGBT’ or ‘LGBT ideology’ the lead partner discriminates against an identifiable group of persons,”

This news is just one of a string of stories coming out of Poland in recent weeks. Only days ago, Polish region, Podkarpackie voivodeship was reported to have lost 1.7 million euros due to a 'LGBT free zone' resolution.

In January, Nowa Dęba voted to retract the shameful law that is now enforced in over 100 regions in Poland. Even though there are growing examples of the tide turning, there is still a long way to go before Poland's LGBT+ community can breathe freely.

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