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Part 1/3: 25 Polish Drag Artists to follow on Instagram

The recent election in Poland spearheaded by president Duda launched a viscous attack on the LGBT+ community. The LGBT free zones in Poland overwhelmed western media, and now more than ever Poland is considered to be one of the worst places in Europe to be queer.

However the Polish queer scene exists, it is a thriving, and it is as creative as ever. Drag is not only a form of art, but it is an expression, a fuck you to society.

Despite these hostile times, the Polish drag scene is a strong and growing community.

25. @acnaattack

24. @babcia___

23. @cosmia.absurd

22. @misiajoachim

21. @vipera.vipera

20. @lucas_adelon_rembas

19. @quarantinatiereszkowa

18. @graza_grzech

17. @lola_eyeonyou_potocki

16. @twoja___stara

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