Polish town that was declared 'LGBT Free Zone' retracts decision

On Thursday (28th January) town councillors of Nowa Dęba voted to withdraw the shameful law that discriminated the LGBT+ communities.

The LGBT+ free zones throughout Poland have caused outrage and upset globally. Approximately a hundred small towns mainly located in the South East of the country intend to rid the regions of the “LGBT+ ideology”.

Those who identify on the LGBT+ spectrum have felt the devastating consequences of this hateful law. Leaving people no choice but to migrate, fight back, or suppress their sexuality. This is a fundamental violation of Human Rights and dignity.

The recent election in Poland unearthed a toxic debate on the LGBT+ community, and shifted the political narrative to a more conservative and discriminatory nature. Duda and his party are planning a near total ban on abortion, sparking mass nationwide protests.

Nowa Dęba is the first of the 100+ towns in Poland to retract the hateful legislation. Although this is a small victory and a step in the right direction, there are no signs that Polands homophobic and conservative rhetoric is slowing down.