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The annual Romanian homoerotic Orthodox calendar

Another year, another raunchy display of hunky Romanian men dressed as priests. This annual calendar both shocks and delights on an international scale.

P.I.L.F - Priest I'd like to f*** was a campaign for the 2017 calendar launch, where priests bare all for what is described as the Orthodox regions only combined effort to fight homophobia.

"The goal is to show that Orthodox believers do not necessarily fit into the stalls as the press make of them. They are ordinary people with passions, preferences, interests and desires. At the same time, the calendar adopts an ironic approach to the Orthodox Church which in recent years has been plagued by scandals, oppression, sex scandals and homophobia"

Although its not just bare arses in filthy angles, as you may be surprised to hear that all of the proceeds go towards a charitable cause. In previous years, revenue from the calendar has been given to organizations such as Orasul Meu (My City, My Colours)- an NGO helping young people with health related issues.

The 'The Tom of Finland' inspired photographs have been sold to over 200 countries, and has even found itself as the face of Taiwan's same-sex marriage movement.

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