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TIME Magazine adds Polish LGBT activist Bart Staszewski to list of "Emerging Leaders"

The past couple of years in Poland has seen the vicious rise in homophobia and discrimination towards the LGBT+ communities by its own government and society. Countering this, a new generation of fearless and heroic activists are standing up for our innocent communities. And Bart Staszweski is at the forefront of the movement.

Przemyslaw Stefaniak / AP

Bart organised the first equality march in his hometown of Lublin, situated in Eastern Poland.

The LGBT free zones in Poland have plagued the international media in recent months. Over 100 small towns, mainly in South East Poland have declared themselves free of the 'LGBT ideology. Despite some towns rebuking the medieval decision, the LGBT free towns are still widespread. Bart has consistently been raising awareness of this issue.

Bart frequently travels to the towns, and photographs LGBT+ people in front of the 'LGBT Free Zone's. A defiant act, showing the world and conservative supporters that Poland's LGBT community exists and is present.

“We are not an abstract being, an ideology, but real flesh-and-blood people who must live in these places.”

There is still a lot of work to do, but with emerging activists like Bart Staszewski on our side, we are closer to achieving it.

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